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10 Words That Are Surprisingly Only Used By Canadians

A top 10 list of the most common, shocking words that only Canadians understand and say daily.

10. Toonie

Commonly referred to as $2, this Canadian term simply means $2.

9. Runners

This Canadian word is more commonly referred to as sneakers or tennis shoes.

8. Shag

Commonly referred to as a ‘wedding party’ anywhere else in the world, this word is still commonly used in its origin, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

7. Fire Hall

Known as a fire station or firehouse, ‘fire hall’ is simply the Canadian term.

6. Mickey, Two-Four

If you haven’t used or heard the word ‘mickey’ its hard to believe you are Canadian. A ‘mickey’ and a ‘two-four’ are both Measurements of alcohol.

5. All Dressed (Chips)

Almost all Canadians have said or heard of all dressed chips, but most Canadians probably don’t know that all dressed chips are available in Canada and not the United States.

4. Freezies

Commonly refereed to as popsicles or frosties, this word has taken over the childhood of all Canadians.

3. Pencil Crayon

Commonly refereed to as a ‘colored pencil’ in the United States, which actually makes more sense.

2.Icing Sugar

Commonly referred to as ‘powdered sugar’ in the United States.

1. Eh.

Ever wondered how people in other countries recognize that you are from Canada? It is most likely because you have said ‘eh’ without even realizing it. If you haven’t said this at least once, it is safe to say you are NOT Canadian.

Comment and share your list of Words that are only used by Canadians.

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