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Why Tuition Is A Problem

Tuition IS A Problem

It’s around this time of year where a student stresses about the tuition fees from there post-secondary education year. Whether it’s because you need to seek summer employment to pay back that loan you took, or because you have decided that the program you took just isn’t for you. Whatever the case may be, students from the 21st century are the ones who are suffering from one of the highest breaks in tuition fees.

Students that are struggling with higher tuition rates seem to be directly proportional with an increase in debt. This problem leaves the student with no choice but to take the easier route once graduation comes around. This means that in order to pay off their pile of debt, they are convinced that they must immediately seek a job that will provide them with a chance to pay off their debt right away. This is one of the biggest problems with students right now because this does not allow them to fulfill the opportunity to gain valuable experience in their academic field. One of the reasons this may occur is because this valuable experience may consist of a lower paying job.

Another problem that tuition has proven to be true is that a family of a lower income is less likely to receive post-secondary education than a family of a higher income, and if you want a middle class paying job then you must be able to attend university. But one of the biggest struggles with lower to middle class citizens is the willingness help your child to go university and come out debt free. After all, many people can’t afford to stop paying their bills or to stop eating. This means that lower to middle class families must be willing to downsize on a house, or to pick up an extra job on the side. These kinds of situations of course multiply if there are multiple children to consider. Overall, these types of sacrifices may not be enough to send your child to university and the economy may be missing out on the child who, if given the opportunity for education, may have been able to find the cure for cancer.

Nowadays, high tuition prompts students to choose the path that promises a clear job. This situation gives the student some financial comfort because it encourages them to think of the easiest way to pay of their student loans. Although with this case, both the economy and the student are missing out. This is simply because the student may not be happy with their choice of a clear job and may have to take another attempt at university, which is again costly. And the economy may not have enough qualified people to do specific jobs because people were forced to take the path of least resistance.
[wp_ad_camp_4] Tuition is nothing but a problem. Students should be able to experience learning without the stress of having to seek immediate employment to pay off their debt. Lower to middle income families should be given the same opportunity of education as higher income families. Students should be given the opportunity to learn whatever they desire, not what they feel will promise a clear job. Education is meant to be affordable and accessible, and in the end, education is a precious thing for long-term economic success. But although disheartening, this system of education does not work for the benefit of students.

This post was submitted by Amanda Michano on March 29th, 2015.

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