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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

Think of all that things that are bad for us. From certain foods to the addictive legal things like tobacco and cigarettes. There’s lots of medical evidence to support what long term excessive use of unhealthy mass produced products can do to a person. Believe me I know. But life is about choices, some good and some bad. If you choose to light up a joint, that’s your decision right! So what’s the big deal when it comes to legalising pot?

Jails are full of people serving time for selling the stuff and that cost the tax payers money to keep them there. Bet there isn’t anyone behind bars from the tobacco or beer companies. The annual tax revenue collected from the sale of smokes and booze must be huge. So why not ad pot to the equation and tax it too? People have been buying it for decades anyway and will continue to use it simply because they choose to. A person who smokes tobacco knows the risk they are taking and I’m not condemning its use. Only the individual’s right to choose. We live in a free society and the “right of choice” should be a big part of it.

There’s medical evidence that pot can be beneficial to some people who live with chronic pain. So pot should be considered a “natural” treatment and its use should be encouraged. Bet the pill pushers don’t agree with its use. Long term use of legal pain killers can be addictive but they keep prescribing them. Since pot can be grown just about anywhere by anyone, maybe the pill producers feel threatened by its everyday use if made legal. Pharmaceutical companies make tons of money from peoples pain so if a person can grow their own medication, the pill pushers could stand to lose millions. If smoking one joint a day eased my mind and body so I can function pain free, then I’m all for it. Just don’t want to get busted or feel like I’m breaking the law for doing it!
[wp_ad_camp_3] With all that is wrong in the world, the question of legalising something that could make one’s life better seems rather silly. It’s not just about getting high once in a while. It’s about allowing people to make choices and enjoy a recreational activity no different that smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol. If nothing else, the tax revenue from legalised pot sales should provide some incentive for the government to get this done. The thought that the whole country will turn into a bunch of potheads is ridiculous. You either smoke pot or you don’t, just like tobacco products. Legalise it, tax it and move on.


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