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Why Having Hardwood Floors Is A Struggle With Pets

Having pets is is a great things, having pets with a hardwood floors is not so great.

Dog scratches will accumulate and dent the surface of your hard wood floors which will cause a slow deterioration of the floor. There a couple of methods to reduce this deterioration.

To prevent this from happening you should consider all options, there are many types of hardwood that are specialized to reduce scratches and dents cause by pets.

Another preventative measure is the finish of the flooring. The finish of a floor is the ‘protective’ layer on top of a floor, finding the right finish for your hardwood can be the make or break moment to protecting your floor from scratches and dents.

Color and Hardness are the last preventive measure pet owner can take, choosing the right color can make scratches look more ‘natural’ opposed to the scratches standing out. Some hardwood floor colors will hide scratches a lot better then stained wood. Hardness is more a preventitive measure, choosing the right hardness of wood can prevent a scratch from even appearing in the first place.

By following these tips you should be able to greatly reduce the effect of pet scrathes and dents in your home, to read more about this topic checkout: UniqueWoodFloor.com

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