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Why Furious 7 Killed The Box-office & Got Massive Attention

Furious 7 Killed The Box-Office

The film, which grossed an estimated $143.6 million over the holiday weekend, beat all analyst expectations, which originally estimated the film would make between $115 million and $120 million.

Now, the film is the highest-grossing debut for an April movie and Easter weekend.

Furious 7 also debuted at number one in 63 markets, grossing another $240.4 million overseas to bring its worldwide total to $384 million.

Why did Furious 7 take off at the box office? There were many of factors that led to the film’s success both at home and overseas.

  1. Social media

It’s not just Vin Diesel. Much of the cast — including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese, and Ludacris — are among the stars that have shared behind-the-scenes images from the film before it hit theaters, and related anecdotes and memories of Paul to fans. Some of the biggest cast members in the film openly grieved Walker’s death and the fans responded to that enormously.

  1. Vin Diesel

After Walker’s death, Diesel quickly became one of the most-followed celebrities on Facebook, with over 87 million likes, as he shared images and stories of himself and Walker with fans in both English and Spanish.

  1. Paul Walker

The most obvious reason fans and non-fans may want to head out to see the film is to see how Universal and the cast handled finishing the seventh installment in the franchise after Walker’s death in November 2013.

Ludacris said recently at one of the first fan screenings that Walker completed about 80% of filming. Walker’s brothers Caleb and Cody came in to help complete the rest.

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