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What Can We Expect From Apple?

Apple’s special spring release

Tomorrow is March the ninth, for some of you this might just be another long day until summer, but for others its like christmas. Another one of Apple’s big events. Well, what can we expect from them?

Theres 4 things to look for in tomorrows event,

1.Final features of the Apple Watch

In september, apple gave us some very vague information on what the Apple watch will consist of. Besides Apple Pay, fitness tracking, maps, messaging, and all the other stuff we saw last year, expect to get a full picture of the Apple Watch’s capabilities.

2.Price Of The Apple Watch

Apple already said the Apple Watch will start at $349, but that’s just for the “Sport” model made out of aluminum. There’s also a version made out of steel and another made out of 18-karat gold.

3.Apps For The Apple Watch

We should see a lot more third-party apps at the event on Monday.

4.A new 12-inch MacBook?

Earlier this year surfaced reports of Apple introducing a new, thinner, Macbook with a 12 inch display.

Check back tomorrow after the event, to find out the exact details of the new products Apple unveils.

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