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Top 8 Of The Most Interesting Sites You Won’t Believe Exist

Interesting Sites

There is many weird / interesting / crazy websites out that you have probably never heard of nor would ever think they exist. Of the 644 million active website worldwide, here is our top 8 list of the most interesting sites out there.


ProCatinator is a website for cat lovers, yes this really does exist. The website shows videos of cats with music playing in the background, that’s it, non-stop. For anyone thinking of going there for just the music, don’t.

interesting sites -procatinator

2. PointerPointer

PointerPointer will automatically generate a picture depending on where your mouse is on the screen, the website will show a photo with someone pointing directly where your mouse is. As confusing as this sounds, it will make perfect sense once you visit this website.

interesting sites -pointerpointer

3. CorgiOrgy

The best way to explain this website would be ‘WTF’. The website is a giant party of dogs with music playing, and yes, this is even worse the ProCatinator.
interesting sites -corgiorgy

4. EssayTyper

Finally, a useful website. This website will LITERALLY type out the entire thing for you, simply fill in your topic and hold the ‘space’ bar on your keyboard. EssayTyper is a very good tool for people needing to type an essay or assignment quickly and efficiently. This interesting site includes all the web tools that Microsoft word has without having to pay a thing.
interesting sites -essaytyper

5. MapCrunch

Travel around the world from your computer, literally. MapCrunch works with google maps to randomly find you places around the world you never knew existed, from there you can move around and see all the surroundings, very cool.
interesting sites -mapcrunch

6. ZoolQuilt

A weird site to say the least, ZoomQuilt is a giant moving image that never stops zooming in. You can zoom in / out using your navigational keys or you can just sitback and let the website move the picture for you, weird.
interesting sites -zoomquilt

7. TholMan/Texter

TholMan has many interesting web based tools / interesting sites. The /texter is a web based application that allows you to literally draw out text in any way or form you’d like, it seems stupid and boring but it is actually fairly entertaining.
interesting sites -tholmantexter

8. omglasergunspewpewpew

This is definitely another ‘WTF’ interesting site, but it is hilarious. This site features a squirrel with a jet pack and oxygen helmet holding a laser gun, yes, someone actually made this. The background of the website is space and your mouse moves the squirrel around while clicking the mouse fires the laser gun.
interesting sites -squirell

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