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Top 5 Insane Inventions We Will See By 2020

No one can predict what the future has in store for the world. But if you take a look at how much technology has evolved within the past couple of decades, you realize that today’s technologies are likely to become nostalgic memories within years only. Sci-fi movies you see today tend to become reality tomorrow. All in all, some upcoming inventions have already “announced” themselves for the upcoming years. Then, what should you expect by 2020?

5.Woolly mammoth (WTF)

According to a team of Japanese scientists and developmental biologists, it seems that the woolly mammoth will soon return to this planet. Sure, the animal is long extinct and you may only see it in movies or cartoons. Some skeletons have also been found by archaeologists. Imagine a six ton beast that moves faster than an elephant. The experiment advances slowly, yet the scientists have the confidence that they will restore the DNA and make this dream reality. Such an experiment will open the door to similar cases for extinct animals.

4.Wound sealing laser pens

Whether you go hiking with a few friends or you choose to explore the wilderness, you probably know already that having some safety equipment is mandatory. This is why you never leave the medical gear behind. Whether you slip or you fall, busting an arm or a knee is naturally part of the process. It happens. When you are 20 miles away from the nearest community, chances are you will lose plenty of blood. With this portable laser pen, you will be able to seal your wound just like Wolverine.

3.Crash-proof vehicles

You might imagine that a crash-proof car is made of rubber, but it is not. Volvo is known for taking safety standards to the next level. The Swedish manufacturer has also promised these crash-proof cars by 2020. How do they work? Simple. They enhance current technologies to prevent crashes regardless of your driving skills. They come with sonars, radars and advanced alert systems. Given the huge amount of fatalities in car accidents, this technology will most likely make the difference.

2.Space tourism

Space tourism is already here, yet it is almost impossible to access. You might need about $25 million to relax at the International Space Station. Interested in a spaceflight? Come up with about $250,000 and you got it. However, the market is growing at a fast rate. You will most likely spot space tourism special offers and travel packages at more accessible prices in the future. They are estimated to cost between $10,000 and $1 million. It depends if you only want a “weekend getaway” or a five-night stay at a hotel.

1.Web 3.0

To some people, understanding technology is a challenge. It is hard to tell where the world stands in technological chronology. Just keep in mind that Web 1.0 was all about hyperlinks. Web 2.0 is currently around and boosts the social profile of this technology. Web 3.0 is said to become reality when minds and machines become one. Everything will be customizable, while automated processes will practically have their own intelligence and brains.

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