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Top 10 Trending Hashtags Of 2015

Top 10 Trending Hashtags Of 2015

Hashtags being used in social media is a relatively new concept, starting with Twitter & then shortly after, Instagram. Hashtags are being a more common term with the growing popularity of social media sites using them, including facebook.

Why Use Hashtags?

Hashtags help users and search engine crawlers to easily sort through and filter out content, this makes it easier for people to locate ‘tags’. Social Media sites including Facebook are starting to implement hashtags into their platforms for the same reason, accessability.

Twitter Hashtag

Top 10 Trending Hashtags of 2015

1. #Follow

2. #Retween

3. #Ipad

4. #Nowplaying

5. #IpadGames

6. #Android

7. #News

8. #Gameinsight

9. #Followback

10. #MGWV

As seen in the list above, hashtags are most commonly being used to vote or to gain social popularity

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