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Top 10 Places To Live Around The World

Top 10 Places To Live Around The World.

In a previous post we mentioned the top 10 places you should visit, but today, we will go over the top 10 places to live.

1.Honolulu, Hawaii:

Honolulu is well known as a place to go for a week’s vacation, but living in Honolulu is actually a very good choice to live. Honolulu’s crime rate is extremely low and the economy is striving, making Honolulu a wonderful place to build your home. If you are looking to find a job in Honolulu chances are, you will find one, the unemployment rate is very low due to their strong economy. The only downside to living is Honolulu is the average price of a home, but if this isn’t a problem for you, Honolulu is the place to go.
top 10 places to live -Honolulu

2.Auckland, New Zealand:

New Zealand is a very beautiful country, from it’s beautiful climate to its incredibly low crime rate. Auckland in particular has wonderful medical care as well as great transportation.
top 10 places to live -Auckland

3.Santa Barbara, California:

California, the place everyone has heard about for it’s exotic living and fast cars. Santa Barbara is very close to it’s well known neighbor, Los Angeles, both places are well known for the absolutely beautiful weather all year round. Santa Babara is a lot more quite then Los Angeles which is perfect for financially stable retired folks. The only downside to living in this wonderful city is the very expensive cost of living, and buying a house, be prepared to spending 1-2 million for just a house alone.
top 10 places to live -SantaBarbra

4. Santa Fe, New Mexico:

Santa Fe is well known for its countless amount of art galleries, Santa Fe is located in the mountains of the desert providing clean warm air. Aside from the countless art galleries Santa Fe is surrounded by almost 2 millions acres of forest, providing awesome and countless hiking opportunities. Unlike other cities on this list, Santa Fe is an affordable place to live and purchase a house, an overall awesome choice to live.
top 10 places to live -Santa Fe

5. Cephalonia, Greece:

Cephalonia was also mentioned in our ‘places to visit before you die’, Greece itself is one of the most visited countries in the world because of its wonderful climate and amazing culture. Cephalonia is an island full of amazing beaches and wonderful landscape. Cephalonia has a population of about 35,000 which makes it a very quite paradise allowing you to go exploring & hiking through its forests and beaches.
top 10 places to live -Greece

6. Sydney, Australia:

Australia is a very beautiful country & continent, surrounded by oceans it’s an amazing place to live. Sydney is the most popular city in Australia for a reason, the culture in Sydney is outstanding as well as the climate year-round.
top 10 places to live -Sydney

7. Ann Arbor, Michigan:

The university of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor providing excellent economy and student population, the university is known throughout the United States. Many of the people living in Ann Arbor are well educated and there are many jobs so the unemployment rate is very low. The winter in Ann Arbor is relatively long compared to other cities but the cost of living makes up for this concern.
top 10 places to live -Ann Arbor

8. Asheville, North Carolina:

Asheville is a very beautiful place to live, the low cost of living and affordable houses make it a perfect opportunity for young and old folks to live there.
top 10 places to live -Asheville

9. Atlanta, Georgia:

Atlanta is a very large city and it is continuing to grow exponentially due to the low costs of living and their great economy. Atlanta has a warm and pleasant climate and wonderful scenery.
top 10 places to live -Georgia

10. Reno, Nevada:

Reno is a wonderful place to live for exploring and outdoor recreational activities. The days are very warm and nights are very cold, the crime rate is a little bit over national average, but aside from that Reno is a wonderful place to live.
top 10 places to live -Reno

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