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Top 10 Devastating Computer Viruses

10. Melissa

Created in the spring of 1999, the virus was built and unleashed in to the internet world through email. The virus would show up, and once activated would send itself out to 50 more recipients. The virus didn’t cripple the internet, but was one of the first to attract the public’s attention.



The known creator of this virus is unknown, all that is known is that it originated from the Philippines. ILOVEYOU was travelling the internet via e-mail and was capable of replicating itself. The virus worked by replacing files with copies of itself, with the main intent of stealing information and passwords. The virus was able to send the information to the hackers e-mail. Estimate damage is at $10 billion.


8. The Klez Virus

This was a whole new type of virus that appeared in late 2001, and was around for several months. Transferring around in e-mails, replicating itself, this virus came in many different forms. One of the most remarkable abilities of the virus was the ability to send out emails to people and change the identity of the sender. The virus even had the capability to turn off antivirus programs.


7. Nimda

Nimda was the name of a virus hitting the internet in 2001, and is “admin” spelled backwards. The real purpose of the virus was to bring the internet traffic level to a crawl, but could also affect home pc through e-mails mainly. The controller of the virus only had as much access to a pc as the owner did.


6. SQL Slammer/ Sapphire

In 2003 a Web Server virus made its way into the digital world. Many networks were unprepared for the attack, resulting in the Bank of America’s ATM crash, and many 911 calls in Seattle. The virus was used to cripple the servers that act as the foundation for the internet.


5. Code Red I and II

These worms made appearance in the summer of 2001. The worms were found in computer running Windows 2000 and NT. The original Code Red worm infiltrated the White House by having every computer affected by the system working at once against the White House. Computers with the Code Red II worm no longer listen to the commander. The worm created an access path for the hacker to take control over the computer, and commit crimes, and steal personal information from users.

code red

4. MyDoom

This worm created a backdoor in the OS of victim’s computer. The virus would search through the e-mails of its victims and use it to recreate itself. Reports even tell of the virus using search engine such as Google to find new recipients.


3. Storm Worm

Debuting in late 2000, the storm worm was a Trojan horse program. It would come in many forms turning computers into a whole new being and travelled through e-mail. It appeared as an innocent news headline that when clicked on by the user would download the virus onto the computer.

storm worm

2. Leap-A/Oompa-A

Mac computers have always been regarded as being safe, seeing as Apple both builds its computers and the OS that Mac’s run. But in 2006 a hacker released a virus that was able to penetrate even a Mac and showed that no system was safe enough.

leap a

1. Sasser and Netsky

Both of these worms behaved differently but were created by the same 17 year old kid form Germany. The Sasser worm didn’t spread through e-mail, but rather once it infected a pc, it would search random IP addresses and force the computer to download the virus. Manipulated the OS to the point that it was not easy to shut off the computer without unplugging it. Netsky virus moved through e-mails and tried to handle internet traffic. Devastating Computer Viruses.


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