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The Reality of Reality TV Shows

Do I like TV? Yes and no. Watching TV can provide hours of entertaining and educational viewing but it seems to me that the entertainment value has become somewhat diluted. Crimes shows that tend to mirror each other with somewhat similar story lines using violence to punctuate the plot. Not your average cop show from back in the day, but crime “specialist” that know how the criminal mind thinks. Personally I don’t want to get into the head of some deranged wacked out serial killer or rapist nor do I need to watch the way they graphically depict the latest murder scene and victim. If you get off on seeing these scenes of gore, there’s plenty of these reality type crime shows on the tube to satisfy your need for violence. More blood equals higher ratings. Not for me. The news is depressing enough.

The Osbournes

Ever watch the Osborne’s? Ozzy stumbling around talking in a language unheard of to the common man. I guess when you’ve spent most of your life stoned and drunk, your mouth may have trouble keeping up with what’s left of your brain from time to time, at least when the cameras are rolling. Might be Ozzy’s reality for all I know. Or it’s the only way he can handle being married to Sharron. A day in the life of the “Prince of Darkness” and the “Maker of Money.” Apparently unscripted with the cameras rolling filming every minute, including the family dog taking a dump on the floor is funny. Maybe for a while but as the show progressed, the idea of it being based on reality faded fast. Scripted for money but no longer funny.

Take one Olympic Gold Medalist, add a mom and her boneheaded brunet babies and what do you get? A reality TV show about the life of people I couldn’t care less about. Ya, I tuned in once or twice only to see what the fuss was about. Really? Do ordinary people need to know the trials and tribulation of the rich and retarded? Oh my god she broke her nail! Not from scratching her butt since she probably pays someone to do that. Episode after episode of whining spoiled rotten rich kids complaining about how hard it is for them to get through their day. How about getting a real job, being in debt to the eyebrows just making it from pay check to pay check. No desire to “keep up” to these people, so I just pass them by when searching the channel guide.

naked and afraid

Are you naked and afraid or afraid of being naked? Ask someone for a naked date to find out. Let’s get real here folks. The thought of seeing a flash showing someone’s naughty bits has to be the only reason viewers watch this stuff. A glimpse of boobs, butt, bone or balls keeps people watching, not the storyline. The hazed out body parts sell the show, the story line is just a distraction. Must be nice to be the crew filming these people unless they’re naked too! Only seems right unless the “reality actors” aren’t afraid of being naked in front of the director, crew, caterers and countless others who are on the set. Naked and afraid of who? Where do they find these people anyway? Can you imagine the audition! Classified ad might go something like this: Actor/Actress needed for reality TV show. Not afraid to bare it all? Set the exhibitionist in you free! Great way to “expose” the outer you! Clothing optional.

Far too many of these “reality” show on the tube. From pawn shop historians to redneck hillbilly hand fishin’ moonshiners, when will it end? Lately it seems like the creators of these reality of the ridiculous are running out of ideas. Between the so called “real” housewives, ex-wives of rock stars, swamp people, people who reposes cars, people who are possessed, ex-stars in rehab that can’t find work since they’re either stoned or drunk most of the time, I lost any interest I may have had in “reality TV.” Remember Survivor? I recall people at work talking about the last episode as if it was them stranded on some desert island with little or nothing to eek out an existence. Turned it on one night, watched for about five minutes then changed the channel to a rerun of MASH. People on a island somewhere with a camera crew and calling the show Survivor seemed a bit stupid to me. After spending a day surviving the elements they probably sat down to a gourmet meal, rehearsed for the next episode and crawled into a warm cozy bed. It’s a tough life.

If you require a release from your reality I suppose these shows can provide an escape at the end of the day. Back to the grind tomorrow bringing useless water cooler talk to share with others who watch these “reality shows” from the minds of the unreal. I’ll pass. My reality is just enough for me. Don’t need or want to escape it, just make the best of it. It’s within my power to change my reality just like it is to change the channel on the idiot box. The reality of TV to me is the power of the remote. I’m king of the screen, not the people who supply it. And that’s the real reality.



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  1. What are you indicating, man? I know everyones got their own opinion, but really? Listen, your weblog is cool. I like the effort you put into it, particularly with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like everybody here is stupid!

  2. From the author. When I wrote the Reality article, the opinions I expressed were mine and mine alone and were never intended to make the reader feel stupid as suggested in one of the comments. Along with these reality TV shows, please consider my opinions for their entertainment value only. Like always, I value your opinion even if it differs from mine.

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