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The Leafs, 3 Point Games and Why They Both Suck!

My beloved Leafs are poised to finish on the outside looking in as the playoffs approach. Maybe the draft will yield the next Leaf saviour since no one came close to filling that role this year. Tear it apart AGAIN and start over. How many more times is this approach to building a winning team going to be used? The reality for this current crop of Buds is that once you sort out the good, the bad and the ugly, you’re left with a fistful of nothing. Maybe a few talented players but not enough to build a contender around.

Suck reason #1 Defence: I don’t like to mention and won’t mention names here but these boys in blue and white sank to new lows this season. Most nights they have the mobility of a pylon in the defensive zone. It just sickens me to see five guys standing around not knowing what to do. These guy are professionals aren’t they but night after night defensive mistakes end up in the net.

Dion Phaneuf

Suck reason #2 Offence: How many times have they been shut out this season? I lost track. For some strange reason they forgot how to score. One or two line teams just don’t cut it over an 82 game season and won’t go deep in the playoffs if they even make it there. Lose a couple of key forwards or more than one falls into a slump and the losing streak begins. Offensively promising over the first few weeks, all but disappeared since.

Phil Kessel

Suck reason #3 Goal tending: The way this team plays defence would make most any goalie want to ride the pine. Every goalie lets in a bad one now and then. Good teams suck it up and push forward. Reliable goalies have the ability to bounce back from a bad one. Hard to play goal when you don’t trust your defence and vice versa.

James Reimer

Suck reason #4 Firing the coach: Here we go again. Don’t try and fix the shortcoming one the ice, axe the guy on the bench. And how many coaches have been the scapegoat over the past 10 years. Didn’t the last one win a cup not that long ago? Too many egos to deal with and fans that seem to influence ownership to axe these guys too soon. If you’ve had success as an NHL coach, come to the Leafs and we’ll show you how to loose.

Randy Carlyle

Suck reason #5 The Fans including me: I was nine years old the last time the Cup was raised by the Leafs. The most patient person on the planet has to be a Leaf fan. We live and die with these guys night after night, year after year hoping to live long enough to see them hoist the mug one more time. When the Leafs suck, the fans feel it just as much as the players. Sucking can be contagious.

Leafs Fans

3 point games suck and should be eliminated because at the end of the regular season when all is said and done, that “extra point” will prove to be costly for playoff position and wild card spots. More regulation win points by one team might not be enough in their total points over 82 games to make the playoffs because of the extra point given to losers in OT or shootouts. Get real HNL. Points for loosing! I like OT and shootouts are okay, but you either win or lose, 2 points or none, case closed! Extend the OT, keep the shootout but ditch the 3rd point. It might make for an exciting OT once in a while but if a team makes the playoff on the last night of the season with an OT loss, it just ain’t right. Even if it was the lowly Leafs.


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