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epa04722884 Rescue workers take part in the rescue operation where several houses have collapsed at Vhaktapur district in Nepal 27 April 2015. The death toll from this weekend's earthquake in Nepal is now at 4,138, reports the country's Interior Ministry. EPA/ABIR ABDULLAH

Miraculously Surviving a 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Surviving A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

A cook and a Sherpa, Bhim Bahadur Khatri of 35 years old, was in a meal tent at the base camp of Mount Everest, when a huge partition of snow besieged him. He told to the press that he could manage to escape of what could have been easily been his grave. He wiggled and dug with hands as much as he could. He says, “I could not breathe; I was suffocating, but I had to survive and now I am back to Kathmandu.”

While at home when the tremors of 7.8-magnitude hit the central area of the country, Photojournalist Narendra Shrestha thought that this is his last moment of survival. He says to TIME, “I thought I will die. How did I get out of this?” However, his survival made him felt the black Saturday as his lucky day. He is 40, has worked in Nepal and across the globe since 10 years, and belongs to the European Pressphoto Agency located in the capital city. Near to his house in the main tourist hub in the capital popular as Thamel, he saw a hotel under construction where workers were trapped under the debris of collapsed old home near the hotel. Shrestha found a trapped man who only head could be seen, as the rest of his body was within. However, as the man was uncovered, he was found to be alive.

Surviving A 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake

Bindeshwor Tamang who is 32 was shopping on the capital city’s New Road, along with her daughter being six years old. Suddenly, he experienced the ground shaking. He said, “Within just a few minutes, the old buildings and shops started collapsing as a pack of cards.” At the same time, she and her daughter got separated in the chaos. Despite finding her here and there, she said that she did not find her little one. “I started shouting her name. Suddenly, I could see her trapped under the rubble and I asked for help immediately to get her out. I never felt so relieved,” Ms. Tamang said. The mother then checked for injured or missing fingers, limbs, or toes. She found a fractured collarbone and a few bruises on legs, arms, and face.

Being an ambulance driver, Chandeshwor Maharjan was on duty in the Lalitpur region nestled on the fringes of the capital city of Nepal. He suddenly began to feel the Earth moving very quickly. “The ambulance began to shake, fiercely. “I was barely able to get my head out, as a tree fell on the top,” said Mr. Maharjan. He further exclaimed, “Had I not rushed out immediately, I would have been smashed to death!” He also said that after his timely survival, when he looked around, he saw nothing but debris and people pinning to the ground.

“While many people said that the shaking lasted for two minutes, for me, it was much like forever,” said Mr. Maharjan. He also shared that a vegetable seller was trapped nearby and that two more had debris stacked on their legs. Despite this, I ran away to first save my life although I knew my conscience will prick me lifetime.

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