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Why The New MacBook Is Everything You Want

The New MacBook

The new MacBook is the world’s most energy-efficient notebook, aside from being power efficient, the notebook will be a revolutionary 2 pounds in weight. This derastic weight loss from the previous generation MacBook is thanks to the new technology packed into the battery, along with the loss of ports on the side of the notebook. A new, custom-shaped battery maximizes every millimeter of space.

The enclosure and the terraced, contoured battery were designed together for the perfect fit. The usb-s port will function as everything you will ever need, USB-C gives you five ports in one. This new connectivity standard gives you power, USB data transfer, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA capabilities. The new design brings new faces of the MacBook. besides a revolutionary thin design, two colours are now available, a darker space grey, and a lighter gold. These colours seem to be Apples new design standard, which we can see from the iPhone models, and the current iPads.

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