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Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer

MockingJay Part 2 will be the fourth movie of the Hunger Games series, the movie series is getting a lot of attention and has some really good reviews. The original Hunger Games movie was rated at a high 84% on rotten tomatoes, hopefully Mockingjay part 2 can continue to hold the movies good reputation.

For those who have not seen any of the previous movies but want to jump right into the Mockingjay Part 2, here is a brief summary of what the series is about:

In what used to be North America, the Capitol of Panem is home to 12 districts and it keeps hold of these districts by forcing them each to select a boy and a girl, called Tributes, to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. Every citizen in Panem must watch as the youths fight to the death until only one remains. The movie takes places in district 12 where tribute Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) has little to rely on, other than her hunting skills and sharp instincts, in an arena where she must weigh survival against love.

Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer:

Synopsis On MockingJay Part 2:

Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) faces mortal traps, deadly enemies and moral choices when she and her closest friends leave District 13 to launch an assassination attempt on President Snow

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