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Minimum Wage Problem

Minimum wage has been an issue that has not and will never be resolved, many countries are facing the difficult problem; people cannot live off of minimum wage.

Minimum wage problem

Minimum wages vary exponentially worldwide, from $0.03 / hour in Sierra Leone to $16.88 / hour in Australia.

Highest Minimum Wages ($U.S)

  1. Australia: $16.88 / hour
  2. France: $12.09 / hour
  3. New Zealand: $11.18 / hour
  4. United Kingdom: $9.83 / hour
  5. Canada: $9.75 / hour
  6. Japan: $8.17 / hour
  7. United States: $7.25 / hour
  8. Spain: $5.57 / hour
  9. Greece: $5.06 / hour
  10. South Korea: $4.31 / hour

Lowest Minimum Wages ($U.S)

  1. Argentina: $3.79 / hour
  2. Poland: $2.83 / hour
  3. Brazil: $1.98 / hour
  4. Russia: $0.97 / hour
  5. China: $0.80 / hour
  6. Mexico: $0.66 / hour
  7. Philippines: $0.61 / hour
  8. Afghanistan: $0.57 / hour
  9. India: $0.28 / hour
  10. Sierra Leone: $0.03 / hour

United States

The U.S minimum wage workers have constantly been on strikes claiming they want the minimum wage to be $15 per hour, more then double what it currently is. The United States minimum wage is $7.25 / hour placing them 7th for highest minimum wage worldwide.

What minimum wage should be

Minimum wage should be equal to necessities such as a place to live, food & water. Many places around the world cannot afford to live off of minimum wage which shouldn’t be happening. Living expenses vary from country to country, but no matter what the living expenses are, minimum wage should be able to afford them.

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  1. Watched a show on TV the other night that talked about a man being held by our government awaiting deportation back to his homeland. You may ask what does this have to do about minimum wage? Nothing directly but it’s costing the tax payers $87,000.00 a year to keep this guy in Canada until a decision is made. Minimum wage in Ontario is $11 per hour totalling $22,800.00 gross. With the necessities of life costing more and more even two people working for minimum wage find it hard to make ends meet. Some people have to work 1 full and 1 part time job. I agree that minimum wage should be adjusted to a level that provides people with a “living” income. Our government needs to step up to the plate to make this happen, not spend tax dollars on one man per year that equates to 4 years of working for minimum wage.

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