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Microsoft’s New Website Will Guess Your Age

Microsoft Amazes the E-World with a Site that Says How Old Are You and what your gender is, in a Few Minutes

It must have been very frequent to realize how older the body has become, when someone might have guessed the approximate age by predicting it from the face or voice. Well, now onward, this will seem like an old-age method with a modern twist! This is because now the age teller will no longer be a person but rather a website that Microsoft has recently developed.

Yes! Microsoft has recently launched a site that makes an instant attempt to predict how old you are. Even more astonishing is the fact that the site tells the age in just a few seconds. In the today’s computerized era wherein social bond has reached a new zenith, Microsoft’s this initiative has certainly given a new dimension to what digital pages can do for its visitors.

Sometimes giving a close up guesses and at times giving outrageous replies, the site easily guesses the age just by viewing a photo. While analyzing your photo for age guessing might not be that easy, giving the photo to the site is very easy. It is simple, as you simply need to upload your selfie after which you only need to wait for some seconds to see machine-generated two digits. Another capability of the site is that it allows comparing to friends, celebrities, foes, and family members, as it has the ability to analyze the photo of anyone.

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While the site has started converting most visitors into users, it also realized that guessing the age of someone is a risky play, no matter even if there is an algorithm to do so. This is perhaps why the site has a guilty-feeling apology after showing the result on the face with a highlight. It apologizes as “Sorry if we didn’t quite get the age and gender right – we are still improving this feature.” The trailing words also point out to the ongoing work to improve the precision of the estimation made.

According to the makers, they had actually developed this site in a day for testing the brand’s newly released APIs for face detection due to which an invitation was sent to several people for gathering feedback. This is perhaps why a marquee-like collection of photos on the Home page is seen, from which a visitor can select a photo to know the age and gender. In just few hours of invitation, thousands of visitors from all over the planet were browsing the page and uploading their photos to know what computer thinks as to how old they are. The engineers also added that almost half of the tested photos were uploaded.

At present, the Home page of the site invites visitors to upload their own photo or test a pre-chosen photo to know the personal details in terms of age and gender. Considered as a part of new Project Oxford, Microsoft believes to use this innovative technology of face detection for tasks such as finding and sorting in a big photo album.

The brand had unveiled its creative site at its Build conference on 30th April, 2015 in San Francisco. The whole thing seems to be an example of how Azure can come up with something extraordinary in near future.

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