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Lower Price On Apple TV

In March of 2007, apple started selling their Apple TV, the original started with a 40 GB hard drive. The slightly modified first generation was available with a 160 GB hard drive in may of 2007. Apple has also announced its Lower Price On Apple Tv.

The second generation Apple TV was unveiled in September 2010. The device was now housed in a very small all-black case, about ¼ the size of the original. The new model did away with an internal hard drive and had an internal 8 GB flash storage, enough local storage for buffering purposes; all media was now streamed, instead of synced.

In the March 2012 presentation that mainly dealt with the third generation iPad, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a third version of the Apple TV. The new Apple TV is externally identical to the second generation model and includes a single-core A5 processor. It also supports 1080p content from iTunes and Netflix. In January, 2013, Apple released a third generation “Rev A” which included component changes.

The third generation Apple TV, which has been selling for $99 (USD) has had a price drop. At the March 2015 keynote event which mainly dealt with the release of the new Apple Watch and the new MacBook, Apple announced that the price Apple TV would now be available for $69 (USD).

Apple TV has become the category leader. The company has reportedly sold 25 million units so far. Apple is also expecting an increaced interest and sales on Apple TV, with this lower, more affordable price.

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