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Is The Electric Car The Future?

The electric car, 10 years ago it was just a dream, today, it’s a reality. Many of the top auto producers around the wprld are developing fully electric cars. For example, General Motors, one of North Americas largest auto manufacturer has had designs for electric cars for the last 5 years. Now, you can actually buy a electric Chevy Volt.(Which can be seen in the image below)


The need for the world to have electric cars is a growing concern. The harmful emissions expelled by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine are taking a toll on the air we breathe. Below is a list of 10 reasons why the electric car will make the gas car obsolete.


  1. They’re quicker.
  2. They’re quieter.
  3. They’re more fun to drive.
  4. They’re connected to your home, instead of connected to oil.
  5. You charge your car at home, not at the gas filling station. (just like your laundry is done at home and not at the Laundromat)
  6. They’re up to 5 times more efficient and1/5th the cost to operate over the lifetime of the car. (energy conservation is wealth creation)
  7. You can make your own fuel on the roof of your home.
  8. They clean our air. Every EV that replaces a gasoline car makes every breath we take, cleaner and healthier.
  9. They’re technologically superior, yet far simpler machines.
  10. They will usher in a new transportation future including multiple mobility choices for our cities.

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