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Apple Announces Surprising iOS 9 New Features

The first features of iOS 9 were released today, and heres what they are! Last month we featured an article on what would be included in the apple 2015 update

1. Split-screen view and multitasking

The split-screen multitasking that we have all been waiting for is finally here, but Apple has a different take on it. There is a picture-in-picture option for videos, but the fly in the ointment is that the true split-screen multitasking is only reserved for the iPad Air 2.

2. Siri

Siri has also been majorly updated allowing you to ask more questions and get more accurate and intelligent responses.

3. Proactive Assistant

Apple is introducing something called Proactive Assistant, which can start playing tunes in the morning, knowing that you usually run at that time, as soon as you plug the headphones, and the player will appear on your lock screen. You can ask it to search for recipes, and it can show you your photos from last June, for instant, at your request. This is very privacy-oriented, done only on the device, and doesn’t associate with your Apple ID if you have to connect to an external link.

4. Apple Pay and Wallet

Apple Pay is begining to spread to new locations around the world and is planned to reach over one million locations by next month.

5. Notes

The notes app has also been completely upgraded allowing you to include photos, contacts, videos and calender dates to it.

6. Apple Maps Transit

Apple’s Map Application is now allowing people to know when trains / buses are leaving & coming.

7. News app

The News app will provide users with up to date local and worldwide news in a simple app. This app is very easy to use and comes with a beautiful layout which provides images and even videos to go along with news stories.

8. Performance and battery life improvements

One of the best upgrades with IOS 9 is the improved battery life, by having IOS 9 you can expect up to three extra hours of battery life.

9. Greatly reduced iOS storage footprint

How does going from 4.6 GB to just 1.9 GB free storage space needed sound to you for iOS 9? Not bad at all, especially for folks with 16 GB iPhone versions.
IOS 9 New Features

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