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How Apple’s 2015 Release Will Change Our Lives

Apple has proven why its is dominating the market, yet again. Apple’s announcement released many revolutionary changes; from a gold 2 pound MacBook, to diagnosing and solving the problems of Asthma, Parkinson’s, and Diabetes. The Apple Watch Has Finally Been Released

Apple’s 2015 Release: The Apple Watch Is Here

Many rumors have been spread regarding the release of the Apple Watch and what will be included on it, well today, Apple has finally given us full details on it, including all of its features.

The new Apple Stainless Steel Watch comes in many different shapes and styles to fit perfectly with a broad range of styles.

Features of the Apple Watch:

  • Receive Calls
  • Read Full Emails
  • Customizable Background
  • View Friends & Connect With Them
  • Send Heartbeat To Friends & Family Using Apple Watch
  • A Revolutionary Way To Communicate
  • Daily Movement, Exercising, Fitness Alerts
  • Elegant and Simple
  • Reminders
  • Weekly Fitness Summaries “Fitness Coach On Your Wrist”
  • New Work-Out App


Apple’s Announcement For Its Brand New MacBook

Apple is known for its constantly changing and updating products, today apple announced its newest creation; the 2 pound gold colored MacBook. The new MacBook comes with new technology, the ‘butterfly mechanism’.

The Butterfly Mechanism works by making each keyboard key more stable and precise.


How can Apple change healthcare?

Apple introduced the new ‘Research Kit’, the research kit is an open source bundle of apps that will diagnose and solve the most difficult health problems. Apple focuses on diagnosing Parkinson’s disease and Asthma.

The research kit apps work by using the built-in features of Apples products, by talking into the microphone the iPhone research kit can pick out frequencies in your voice which will help show doctors how severe Parkinson’s is with certain individuals. The data will be automatically forwarded to your health care professional without even leaving your home.

Apple’s new healthcare release focuses on accessibility, Apple wants to make it easy and simple for everyone using their products.

Research Kit:

  • Automatically submits health diagnoses to doctors without leaving your home
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Open Source
  • Proves the substantial potential of Apple’s Products


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