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For All Those Who Say They Are Country

Lots of people today say that they are country. But what exactly do the mean by it? Is it a state of mind or is it a place that one calls home? Not matter where one is born they are always able to call that place home. And for me the definition of country is a place. A small place located along one the the busiest stretches of highway in all of Canada, the 401. Along this high traffic road is the small rural township known as Elgin County. Comprising of 7 different municipalities, Elgin county is my definition of country.

Yes within the county there are the larger populated areas such as St. Thomas Ontario, and Alymer Ontario. But outside these two areas are the smaller town with an average population of about 1500 people with endless fields, containing beans, corn, and hay. Some crops feeding livestock, others going to the consumers in the local area and some to the bigger metropolises. It doesn’t take long for one to immerse themselves in the vast beauty that Elgin County has to offer. Take any gravel or dirt road off any of the major roads connecting the smaller towns. Those are the roads that show what I mean by country.

With the fresh gravel on the road, and the rolling hills. These are no roads for those who drive to fancy a car and don’t want it ruined. These are for those who sport a farm truck with the body rusted out but don’t care. Not for those who drive their fancy Lexus, Lincoln, or Porsche. Meant for the real workers of the area, the farmer! Be it livestock from chickens, to cows, to pigs. Or those who work the fields planting all season trying to get the best yield of their crop. This is my ideal of country.

Don’t let this tiny rural county blind you though. With it being so small word can travel fast. Once you tell one person it can move like lightning across the night sky, especially in the small towns! Advantages and disadvantages to this point, everyone knows your secrets and everyone has your back when trouble comes around. It is a true sense of community. Try to take a large group of people and get them to follow ones ideal. It is not easy, with a smaller group the success rate of this task is proven to be greatly favored to succeed. This is my form of country!

I you on this note, look around you and think of where you are? Are you sitting in your birthplace, your home town, or are you far away from where you started your life now? Living where you want to be, achieving your life goals? Just remember one thing, whatever your idea of country is, it is your own. Don’t let others deter you from your idea, it is your not theirs. They don’t control what you think unless you let them. This is my country, what is yours?

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