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Faith In Humanity Is Gone

1. Finding the gas pump

Going to the wrong side of the gas pump has happened to all of us, at least once. But for this lady, it took her 5 attempts, yes 5. This lady literally circles around the gas station getting in and out of her car only to realize it’s on the other side. The 50 second video is definitely worth the watch.

2. I mean seriously, a goldfish? A FISH? Unfortunately, this is a true story and can be fully read here 



3. Oh, the Logic.

I mean really lady, you are in a hospital already what is an ambulance going to do.

4. You would do this because?

Lets go party, and become blind, who even thought of this idea?


5. #Facepalm

You really need to go back to school, as in elementary.

6. Great question.

How can someone be capable of working a computer to this degree but pose such a question. My mind is blown.


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