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11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education 11. Your Contribution to Your Country – A lot of criticism is placed on government. But the fact is, we as a species have come to not know how to live without it. Therefore when the government provides funds for its citizens to better …

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New Web Browser & Search Engine For IOS And Android

Speak to Dolphin Browser! With Dolphin, a free mobile web browser for Android and iOS, one thing we pride ourselves on is being a good listener. Dolphin Sonar is a feature that allows you to search, share, and navigate the web with your voice. Dolphin Sonar can be accessed by: …

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My Top 10 Most Influential Guitarist

I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years mainly as a hobby, self-taught being inspired by the players from my early years right up to the current crop of axe men. My style of playing was developed from a combination of the different guitarist I’ve listened to. I didn’t want …

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Narcissists would typically involve doing anything to put them at a better light to get the attention they crave; to look & feel good even at the expense of everyone or someone else along with a bunch of unhealthy coping strategies. It involves a grandiose view of oneself and they’ll …

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