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Top 10: Fastest Production Cars

10: Gumpert Apollo (225mph) Reaching 60mph in 3 seconds and producing 650hp it is no wonder why the Apollo can reach speeds of 225mph. All thanks to the surprisingly small 4.2 litre V8 engine inside. The manufacturer claims that the car was designed to drive upside down in a tunnel …

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Top 10: University’s In the World

Most Famous University’s Worldwide View our hand-picked list of the most famous universities around the world and what makes them famous. 10: Yale Discovered in 1701, Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut and is a private research university. Yale is the first University in the United States to award …

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Top 10: Metalcore Lead Guitarist of Today

The Best Metalcore Guitarist of Now! 10. Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria) Ben was a founding member of Asking Alexandria after being away for so long. He brought with him his creativity and can produce very powerful and dark riffs when on the ball. His solos are rather simplistic and doesn’t …

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