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Our Craving for Useless Information

Next time you’re standing in line at the checkout, take a look at the magazine rack that’s strategically placed so as to catch your eye while waiting to pay for your stuff. Entertainment news, weight loss gimmicks, paranormal stories and so on. I like to read the headlines for a …

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The Reality of Reality TV Shows

Do I like TV? Yes and no. Watching TV can provide hours of entertaining and educational viewing but it seems to me that the entertainment value has become somewhat diluted. Crimes shows that tend to mirror each other with somewhat similar story lines using violence to punctuate the plot. Not …

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Getting the Most From Your Stomp Boxes

With tons of different brands out there, it can be difficult to decide what pedal to buy these days. You can get the one your favourite guitarist uses because you like his sound and that’s fine. I’ve been playing for over 40 years and tried numerous effects to enhance my …

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What Schools Should Teach

What should be taught I went to school and learned reading, writing and arithmetic. Pretty much the basics along with science, history and geography. That was over 40 years ago and upon leaving school I joined the work world. No high school diploma or college degree, stumbling into the next …

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Do they really know?

What do scientists really know? I watch a lot of science shows that talk about the history of the planet. What happened to the dinosaurs, major floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and how the world will end. Opinions vary but the one thing these scientist all say is “we know this or …

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