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Best Universities in Canada

University; an educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning, conferring degrees in various faculties, and often embodying colleges and similar institutions. Read our handpicked list of the best Universities and Colleges across Canada.

6. York University

Established in 1959, York is the third-largest university in Canada, consisting of 40,000+ students it’s no doubt York is on our list. York has specialized courses including;space science, atmospheric chemistry, psychology, and several others.

York University

5. Queen’s University

Established in 1841 by Queen Victoria, Queen’s University is home to 24,000 students & 4,400 staff members. Queen’s University has an impressive 6 libraries and is well known for its extensive research in; mental health, social issues, and globalization studies.

Queen's University

4. University of Toronto

Established in 1827, the University of Toronto has a very impressive 80,000+ students & 6500+ staff members. The University of Toronto offers 222 Doctoral and Master’s level graduate programs. If you are new to the area and plan to make new friends, the University of Toronto is perfect for you with its amazing 800+ student groups. The University of Toronto has 44 libraries, yes 44, making it the third largest library system in North America.

University of Toronto

3. Lakehead University

Established in 1946 Lakehead University is home to 9000+ students, the University is also ranked in the top 10 for the most inventive universities in Canada. Lakehead University stands out in comparison to all other in Canada, its size. Lakehead’s class sizes can depend on the program, ranging from 30 up to 300, the small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to get to know each of there professor. Wildlife is far from absent at Lakehead University, with such a large deer population and ground squirrels in Northern Ontario, it is no surprise to see them wondering about the campus while walking to class

Lakehead University

2. Ryerson University

Established in 1948, Ryerson University is home to 25,000+ students. The University offers specialized programs including; Nursing, Social Work, and Business. Ryseron Universty has some impressive facts, including; 95.3% of graduates report employment within 2 years, Ryerson offers 100+ programs, and Ryerson is Canada’s leader in innovative education.

Ryerson University

1. University of Guelph

Established in 1964 University of Guelph is home to 22,000+ students, the University requires an average of %80 to be considered into the school.The University of Guelph offers 75 programs and is home to 1,500+ international students from 90 countries. The institution made an impressive 737 Million in total revenue throughout 2013 / 2014.

Lakehead University

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