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iOS 9 And Its Greatest HIDDEN Features

Well todays the day, September 16th, Apple has officially launched their new flagship software, iOS 9. Made available today at 10 AM pacific time, the software can be downloaded via the software update app in settings, or through a computer via the iTunes update portal. So, lets say you already …

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Apple Music And Why You Need It

You updated your iPhone, the music app has changed completely…. Well what do you do? Why is Apple making a streaming music service? More and more people are listening to streamed music. When you can listen to just about any artist, genre, and song you set your heart on, it’s …

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5 Things To Do This Summer

5 Things To Do This Summer 1. Hiking Depending on where you live, you may or may not have to go far to find some great hiking trails. There are plenty of books, blogs, and Pinterest posts with such titles as “Best Wildflower Hikes,” or “Hikes With Children.” 2. Walking …

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