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5 Of The Most Bizarre Things Sold On eBay

Top 5 Most Bizarre Items Ever Sold On eBay 1. Lunch With Warren Buffet (Sold for $1,000,300) 2. Corn-flake Shaped Like Illinois ($1300) 3. Vampire Hunting Kit (Sold for $1178) 4. Burnt Sandwich Shaped Like Virgin Mary (Sold for $28,000) 5. Ian Ushers Life (Sold for $384,000) More Info On …

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Top 10 Devastating Computer Viruses

10. Melissa Created in the spring of 1999, the virus was built and unleashed in to the internet world through email. The virus would show up, and once activated would send itself out to 50 more recipients. The virus didn’t cripple the internet, but was one of the first to …

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