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Why Having Hardwood Floors Is A Struggle With Pets

Having pets is is a great things, having pets with a hardwood floors is not so great. Dog scratches will accumulate and dent the surface of your hard wood floors which will cause a slow deterioration of the floor. There a couple of methods to reduce this deterioration. To prevent …

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Kids Hook Their Moms Up To Lie Detectors

Polygraphs are most commonmly used for criminal cases or serious job interviews, but not in this video. This shocking video shows kids asking their moms questions on a lie detector with very shocking answers. Looks like some things are better off unknown.

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Watchman Set for Release July 14

Go Set a Watchman Set for Release July 14- Certified Copies available Monroeville, AL- June 14, 2015 Ask any avid reader his or her favorite books and you’re very likely to hear a list that includes To Kill a Mockingbird. For those who love the novel by Harper Lee, there …

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Just what should we be eating?

Imagine making a sandwich without bread. No more hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza or any other food that requires the use of one of its main ingredients. Mealtime would take on a whole new twist. According to the health experts, wheat products are no longer healthy for use to consume. Mankind …

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