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Alternative fuels: Make your choice

No matter what alternative fuels have been or will be developed, the reality that grips the planet is that OIL IS STILL THE KING! As long as we can drain it from the earth, refine it and sell it to the masses nothing comes close to the uses for today’s crude. It has and will continue to pollute the planet for generations. The powers that be really aren’t that interested in developing alternatives to replace the fuel of choice. As long as it’s in the ground, were gonna use it.

Oil Makes Money

Gas powered, electric or hybrid, the family car is an essential part of most everyone’s daily life. Using the bus to commute to work is an excellent choice but I feel most people prefer driving their own car. Owning a battery powered car would be beneficial for some people while others might find them unappealing given the mileage limitation of the battery. If you forgot to charge them up you could end up stranded having to call a “gas powered” tow truck to come and rescue you. And what about the cost of electric or hybrid cars. Can everyone afford one? Probably not so they’ll continue to drive old reliable dinosaur driven technology. At least we have a choice on what we decide to drive but that option doesn’t exist or make sense for everything that has a motor.

Since the rail lines have all but disappeared over the last few decades, transports have taken over the 400 series HI ways, at least in south western Ontario where I live. Has anyone considered a new fuel source for these eighteen wheel HI way hoggers? Would a battery powered transport even make sense? Imagine the traffic jams that might develop if a few of these warehouse on wheels all lost their juice at the same time while waiting to cross the border. Utter chaos! Companies waiting for their stuff only to hear that the battery went dead. Should have used Duracell! It’s obvious that trucks need dinosaur diesel and will for a long time to come. Lot’s on the roads these days and the oil companies just love it.

We all need to eat right? So what does that have to do with gasoline. Ask any farmer what they think about using battery powered equipment. Maybe propane or some other gasoline type substitute would work, but battery? Highly unlikely since modern farming equipment need lots of power to work the land and harvest the crops. It would have to be one massive battery to power these monsters needing to be charged constantly. Suppose you could cover them with solar panels to help charge them but farming can be a 24/7 job and the last time I looked, it gets dark at night. Oil is vital to keep feeding the masses so it will be a long time if ever when batteries will take “charge” of farming.


We love our toys. Boats, motorcycles, skidoos, sea-doo, dune buggy and every other gas burner we just can’t seem to live without. How do we power up those performers of pleasure to enjoy our weekends. Charge up the battery? I guess it might be possible for some of these toys, but I just can’t see loading up the boat for a leisurely afternoon on the lake then getting stranded with the hot sun burning down on you cause you forgot to charge up before you left the dock. Not fun. Same thing applies to most of the other motorized toys we’ve come to love. Don’t think batteries quite cut it here. Harley Davidsons just wouldn’t seem right without that thunderous chatter bikers love to hear.

Every gas powered tool used to maintain your lawn should be battery powered. It just makes sense economically and environmentally. The only one that might need gas is your rider provided the size of your yard warrants using one. Batteries have been used for many years to keep our yards looking good and the engines they drive are much quieter. Don’t you just love when your neighbour cranks up his mufflerless lawnmower when you’re trying to grab some extra Z’s on a Saturday morning. The world could learn to live without “gas to cut grass” methods.

As for the rest of the oil driven machines of mankind? Try building a HI way without the heavy equipment needed. You like/need to fly or go on cruises? We still need oil to power these vessels of vacations. Imagine the military without oil. In some cases without oil the military wouldn’t have anything to fight for. We’re not going to win that battle any time soon since it’s obvious that as long as oil is king, nations will fight to control it. King Oil sits high on his throne controlling the military like puppets!

So use green technology whenever you can. Yes, oil is important in todays world more than ever in our history. I’m neither defending or condemning it’s use. Just making some points to ponder. It’s the lifeblood that drives the worlds economy building huge profits for oil rich countries and fuel producing companies. We’re stuck with it till the well runs dry and that’s the way they want it!

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