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Absolute Funniest Animal Costumes Ever

21 Of TheMost Hilarious & Innovative Animal Costumes Ever Made

1.Bat-dog and the pumpkins.

I mean seriously, this dog’s ears fit perfectly with the costume.

Bat-Dog Animal Costume

2.Is it a horse or a dog?

This horse-dog is a perfect example of how a stupid mask can make such a difference.

Horse-Dog Animal Costume

3. This pug is NOT impressed

I don’t blame the poor guy, he is a pink unicorn, I wouldn’t be impressed either.
[wp_ad_camp_3] Unicorn Pug Animal Costume

4. World’s Cutest PIG

Who would have thought a pig could be this adorable.

Natural Resources

5. Super Husky

This husky seems confident he can save the world

Starving people

6. The Banadog

Introducing the first banana dog, and it seems to be happy.

Racing Towards Mortality

7. Royal Dog

No words for this picture, this is just perfect.

Wage War

8. The Taco Dog

The Taco dog.


9. Super Husky Is At It Again

Super Husky is showing he is ready to save the world in this action shot


10. Captain Whiskers

You can call me Cpt. Whiskers.

Funny Cat Costume

11. Spider-Lab

I would not wanna be chased by this dog.

Spider-Lab animal costumes

12. Hairy Potter

Introducing Hairy Potter and its friendly companion

Hairy Potter Animal Costume

13. EWOK Twins

You Shall Not Pass

Funny dogCostume

14. EWOK Solo

You Shall Not Pass

Funny Ewok Dog Costume

15. Elvis

Elvis is Back

Funny Cat Costume

Share and comment your favorite hilarious animal costumes.

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