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7 People That Are “Famous” For Incredibly Weird Reasons

America is known as being the land of dreams, as well as one of the leading financial giants that we know on this planet. Not only that, but it’s also the leader when it comes to modern pop culture, as America has some of the largest celebrities that you’ll ever come across. There’s over 300 million people living in the country itself, so there’s a lot of different individuals who are looking to make a name for themselves. Although it’s one of the best countries to live in, there are still some relatively weird characters to take into account. Not only that, but some of these people would actually be considered famous.; and the only people we can blame are ourselves!

This list is going to cover 7 different people that are famous for incredibly strange reasons, odds are you might already know about one or two (heck, maybe even more!) from this list. They’ve all got a story of their own to tell, and every single one should keep your attention.

Here it is, 7 People That Are “Famous” For Incredibly Weird Reasons:

1. Walter Backerman

– Walter is known as being one of the last “seltzer men” on the planet, which is essentially somebody who delivers seltzer from door to door. Seltzer water used to be one of the most popular beverages you could get into your household back in the day, although things have changed quite a since then. Regardless, Walter is still going strong within the industry; even if he’s not making a crazy amount of money while doing so.

2. Matt Malone

– Matt Malone is a “Professional Dumpster Diver”, which is quite unique in a sense. You know, I never though you could make a living by going through another person’s garbage; it looks like the saying “one mans trash is another mans treasure” rings true in this case. Although Matt usually just looks for computers to repair and give out to the community, he admits that he could make about $250,000 if he were to “garbage dive” full-time.

3. Cameron Smith

– Cameron Smith is known for making his very own spacesuit, and when it comes to being an adventurous type, it really doesn’t get any more serious than a DIY spacesuit. Cameron has plans on actually heading into orbit while he’s wearing his suit, and while I’m not sure how ideal that option might be, you never know! He never had the choice to become an astronaut, as he lacked the proper eyesight that was necessary; good thing this looks like another route! Checkout Cameron Smith’s Website

4. Robert Smith

– If you live in Portland, you just might recognize this name. Robert Smith is a local resident that’s well known for being a whistler, as in somebody that’s quite proficient at blowing wind through their lips. Some of the local Portlanders would say that he’s a street musician, while others would just say he’s a flat-out legend.

5. Ryan Beitz

– This guy is a hot-pants wearing, video-tape squaring bundle of joy. The action-thriller movie “Speed” has somewhat of a cult following, and Ryan Beitz is going around the world to collect as many videotapes of this film as possible. We know it’s a cult classic, but seriously? His project is called “World Speed Project”, and is currently on Kickstarter.

6. Nicole Angemi

– Nicole is known as being a relatively intriguing Instagrammer, mainly because she’s covering topics that nobody wants to touch. She’s on her third Instagram account, and that’s because Instagram keeps on closing them due to “grotesque content”. She works in a hospital as an autopsy-worker, so its for a better purpose.

7. Jay Thunderbolt

– Jay Thunderbolt has an interesting story, and many can look at him and notice that his face is rather lopsided right away. Believe it or not, Jay was shot in the face at the age of 11, and after surviving the encounter, he’s been able thrive in the world of business. He owns a stripping service known as “Thunderbolt Entertainment”. If you want cute girls at a reasonable price, you want to talk to Jay; he’s a relatively straight-forward man as well. That’s why so many Americans love him! Read More About Jay Thunderbolt

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