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6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

6 Reasons The Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

The moon landings that were initially broadcasted back in the day have always been the subject of speculation, and many people claim that the landings themselves have been faker than ever. The United States used this to hoist their trophy high (when it came to beating Russia into space) with pride, but a lot of people still felt like there were a few things left unexplained. This list of reasons is going to go through some of the most common facts in regards to the moon landing being faked, and from there you can determine an outcome of own

There will always be conspiracy theorists, but as of today, people still look at the moon landings that occurred before the major advancement of modern technology as real. Check out these different reasons and then apply your own logic!

1. The Flow of the Flag

– The flag itself is a main part of this entire problem, as there isn’t any wind within the atmosphere of the moon. Plenty of pictures show the flag waving and fluttering as if it were caught in a major draft, but actually being on the moon wouldn’t permit that.
6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

2. No Impact Crater

– Underneath the spacecraft that they used to travel to the moon itself, there isn’t an impact crater to show that they actually landed with any sort of force. Breaking through the outer atmosphere of any planet in space is going to build up some speed, yet there was absolutely no land damage to show for it. It sounds logical, but the moon is essentially one solid rock; so a crater might not be ideal.
6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

3. Light Sources

– There is absolutely no source of light on the moon, so how did they go about getting their pictures to render properly? Shadows don’t fall in the correct directions as they should, and that means that more than one light source had to have been present (therefore suggesting that the entire thing was shot at a film set). NASA has stated that these shadows are caused by awkward and uneven landscapes, as opposed to multiple light sources; take everything with a grain of salt I suppose.
6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

4. The “Van Allen Effect”

– The Van Allen Radiation Belt is something that the passengers of the spacecraft had to pass through in order to get to the moon. The belt is visible and held in place by our planets’ magnetic field; it doesn’t move at any point in time because it’s location is according to the magnetic force. Theorists say that the radiation would have actually fried the astronauts as soon as they passed through it, even though the ship was built to “withstand the damage”. NASA stated it was a short journey through the belt, and that the astronauts had only small amounts of radiation given to them.
6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

5. “The Object”

– In the visor of one of the astronauts, it almost appears as if there is a filming light within the reflection. Those who were questioning the legitimacy of the landing were automatically aware of the object, as they were looking for something to try and point out immediately. The objects look like it’s hung from a rope of some sort, which is why so many people claim that it’s a film light. There are many other theories as to what the object actually is, but a film light seems like the most logical answer.
6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

6. The Stars

– Stars are visible from down here on Earth, so you should definitely see them when you’re on the Moon, right? The Moon doesn’t have a clouded atmosphere, so there’s literally nothing from stopping the visitors from looking at every single star that their eyes could see. NASA could never really come up with an excuse for this one, and always turn back to the fact that the photographs are simply “low-quality”. Most of the photographs are incredibly high-quality when you take into account the era that they were taken in, so a lot of conspiracy theorists tend to focus on this fact (as opposed to focusing on any other ones).
6 Reasons the Moon Landing Could Have Been Faked

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