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11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

11. Your Contribution to Your Country

– A lot of criticism is placed on government. But the fact is, we as a species have come to not know how to live without it. Therefore when the government provides funds for its citizens to better themselves by going to post secondary school, they are also benefiting the country as a whole. The notion is, the country has helped you out, now it is your turn to repay the favor. This system creates new jobs, businesses and strengthens the economy of the country as a whole.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

10. Start Fresh

– Not many people wish to spend their whole live living at home. After being raised, maybe growing up with siblings, one wants to start to live on their own. Maybe forget the connections of their home community and get a fresh start. College and university provide the opportunity to start fresh. Forget all that are holding you back and get out to become yourself more. Felling the need to cut all ties? Try going to a college or university maybe out of state or province, maybe even to another country. Might as well while you are young.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

9. Gain Financial Responsibility

– Take a second and look all around you. You are living at home and have you ever considered the amount of money that is required to maintain such an establishment. Hydro, water, internet, mortgage, car insurance, food! All these cost money and is not cheap. With going to post secondary school it provides an opportunity for one to get out and gain some financial responsibility. Maybe extremely overwhelming at first with seeing how much stuff can cost, the stuff most don’t think of and may even take for granted. Paying your school bills on time, buying food for yourself every week are just some of the financial responsibility you will gain.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

8. Enhance Employment Opportunities

– That desirable 9 – 5 job with weekends off to spend with family and friends. The job almost any working human is seeking. BY going to post-secondary school whether it be college or university the probability of one gaining such a position in a company ae greatly increased. This is because most of these desirable 9 – 5 jobs require one to have some form of post-secondary education. Also attending some form of post-secondary institution can lead to hire company positions faster. Not having to work at the bottom to start off.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

7. Get Noticed in the Job Market

– When a new job posting comes up for a reputable company, they will receive a multitude of resumes and applications of people all fighting for the same job, this can be even tougher in condensed job markets. One way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by employers is by having a diploma or degree from a post-secondary institution. It says to the employer that you have spent time and dedication to learning about a topic that genuinely interests you and you are devoted to work in the field.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

6. Economic Security

– A lot of the in demand jobs in the economy require one to possess a degree or diploma past high school. By obtaining one, you grant yourself the better chances of economic security when a recession comes along. The economy is alive like us all and has its ups and downs at times. Just known as the business cycle. Post-secondary education provides a better safety net in times of economic hardship as these jobs are not as likely to be cut.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

5. Gain Independence

– Born and raised by your parents for 18 or so years and now the stage in life has come when deciding to go to college or university. This provides a great time in one’s life to get out on their own and gain independence. Live on their own and take care of oneself without relying on mom and dad too much. Not sure if it is for you? Only one way to find out, go and give it a try!

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

4. Make More Money

– Everyone who has worked in their lives and has a family to support, bills to pay, and the list goes on of financial obligations. With a diploma or degree from a post-secondary institution the likelihood of making more than the countries minimum wage is greatly increased. One with any financial goals in life will struggle greatly with a minimum wage paying job. It is very difficult enough to make a living for yourself, to even consider saving anything for retirement and still have fun. With college or university education one’s financial situation is greatly better with employers paying out more for those who are qualified for the tougher jobs.

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

3. Networking

– So are from a small rural high school, or one from the city where your graduating class is the size of the whole rural school. You have your close knit group of friends. But you will all choose your own paths in life that will take you away from each other. It doesn’t have to be the end of a friendship, but you have to live your life as well. Going to post-secondary school provides a chance to meet many new faces. Feeling adventurous? Go to a school far from home where none of your friends are going and meet some new faces. Before you know it one person turns into now knowing 2 and just keeps growing. And you also make true lifetime friends!

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

2. Travel Opportunities

– The world is bigger than your small town or city. College and University both provide an opportunity for those looking to travel. With post-secondary Institutions all over the globe, ones limitations is the imagination on where they wish to travel. Not looking to leave your home country right away? Lots of schools offer exchanges with others in different bordering countries and with those in another hemisphere. So get out there, the world awaits you!

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

1. Have Fun

– Whether it is a 2, 4, or longer numbered of years for your program, it can be one of the best times in one’s life. In saying that one should remember the true purpose is to be there to get an education but also enjoy yourself and have fun at the same time. Get involved in commities, sports teams, socialize, etc.  So get going and get out there!

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education That is it for our list of 11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education, to view more information about this topic checkout why post-secondary education is a great retirement investment.

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