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11 Of The Most Famous Untrue Myths You Probably Believe

It is surprising how many myths and misconceptions we hear and believe everyday, this post will cover the top 11 most famous myths that we all believe.

1. The Great Wall Of China Is NOT Visible From Space

This famous misconception began well before space exploration, the great wall of china cannot be seen from space with the unaided eye. Here is an image in loworbit barely showing the great wall


2. Black Holes ARE NOT Actually Holes

Black holes are not what the normal person would imagine them to be as, in fact, black holes are the complete opposite of a ‘hole’. A way to explain a black hole is to think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City.

3. Bulls DON’T Hate The Color Red

Bulls are completely color blind, they don’t react to the color, they react to the waving motion of the cloth as a threat, therefore they attack.


4. The Three Wise Men Was A Lie

No where in the New Testament does it specify there were ‘three’ wisemen, this was just a misconception.


5. Vikings DID NOT Wear Horned Helmets

This common myth is seen in cartoon shows and even movies which makes it seem like it really happened, well it didn’t.


6. Dogs DO NOT Sweat Through Salivating

Dogs actually use paintaing to maintain temperature and they sweat through their footpads.



7. Goldfish Have More Then A 3 Second Memory

We’ve all heard this, and probably believed it. But goldfish actually have a 3 month memory span.


8. You CAN Swim After Eating

Waiting 30 minutes, or an hour after eating to avoid cramps will do absolutely nothing, food will not increase the risk of getting cramps. The only thing eating food before swimming can do is cause shortness of breath.


9. Bananas DO NOT grow on trees.

Bannanas actually grow on a type of herb that much resembles a tree.


10. Bats ARE NOT Blind

Bats are not in fact blind, on top of not being blind they also use echolocation which helps them.



11. Sugar DOES NOT Cause Hyperactivity

Sugar is the cause for many bad things, including caveties and obesity, but sugar is not linked toh hyperactivity in children.

11 Of The Most Famous Myths

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