Narcissists would typically involve doing anything to put them at a better light to get the attention they crave; to look & feel good even at the expense of everyone or someone else along with a bunch of unhealthy coping strategies. It involves a grandiose view of oneself and they’ll constantly find ways to sustain their narcissism, hence they are always finding something or someone they can use to get their ego boost or to be more precise to get their narcissistic supply.

They are the types who begin with idealization (love bombing) then eventually would bleed or suck you dry of your positive energy or your self worth (hence the name emotional vampire). They will make you feel as if you’re not worth anything. At many times it’s as if it’s even their job to help you out. They are forever feeling entitled and that it’s as if you owe them a favor. And once they bleed you dry, they’ll discard you or throw you under the bus without any hesitation as if nothing really happened.

They do all of these things for they have the inability to receive healthy validation and find truth by and for themselves that they have to get it, “steal it” from someone or force it upon others.

They tend to get someone to falsely agree with them just to get some short term satisfaction about a serious matter; force an apology; lying about a story; or are always in a superficial type of interaction or relationship.

The term narcissism is often thrown around but it exists on a spectrum. We’re all narcissistic but everyone is not necessarily a narcissist per se. At times someone may just be up on the higher end of the spectrum. But when it gets to a really high degree, it increases its chances of becoming a full blown personality disorder.

The battle of he-says-she-says thing with rumors, what has been said behind their back, arguments, conflicts and drama increases. The bad air will be prevalent in the environment with which a narcissistic person finds his or herself. Narcissism is infectious, like a vampire ready to infect as many victims it can.

This should lead you to be more aware of the kind of people you deal with or you’re intimate with. If some guy and some girl you broke up with started crying “played with my heart” all the way to crazy accusations such as “rape” on Facebook or telling a story about you to a selective group of people that is far from what really happened, then it’s time to re-evaluate.

Narcissism is something very subtle for a lot of us. A lot of us tend to tolerate toxic behaviors or even emulate toxic behaviors as if it’s the norm, especially if one comes from an environment where collective narcissism is involved (i.e. craziness runs in the family).

Narcissism is costly for us men, so here’s a little challenge – If you’re feeling a bit adventurous here are 10 narcissistic traits you can ponder on about others you’re surrounded with and, more importantly, something you can ask for yourself.

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