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10 Things You’ll Only Find In Thunder Bay

Somewhere up in North Western Ontario, lies a small city, with a HUGE heart. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously aren’t from Thunder Bay! Besides having a huge heart the city is home to many things you wont find anywhere else. Some of the biggest most well known Thunder Bay has to offer its visitors and residence are listed below:

10. The Hoito

If you don’t know the Hoito, you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay. The Hoito is a true Thunder Bay original, being built in 1910 in the city of Port Arthur. The Hoito serves some of the best Finnish Pancakes. If you haven’t already been there, you should for sure check it out.

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9. Summer In The Park

If you haven’t heard of summer in the park, at Marina Park, then you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay. This summer time classic has been running since 1904, just recently celebrating its 110th birthday this past summer. Many famous people have played at summer in the park since it began in 1904.
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8. Vertere

If you haven’t seen Vertere, you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay, this huge wooden statue was built in 1981 and was the city’s first outdoor public art instillation. Paul Epp of Cambridge Ontario built the structure for the city. The twisting of the structure is said to represent the twisting motion, which is commonly seen in  many sports.

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7. Boulevard Lake

If you haven’t been to Boulevard Lake, you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay. The lake, originally called Park Service Reservoir, was created when a wooden dam was built in the early 1900’s. Today the lake is surrounded by kilometers of walking and biking paths, as well as many park amenities. If you haven’t been to Boulevard Lake, you should experience it this summer.


6. Mount McKay

If you haven’t heard of Mount McKay, you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay. This monstrous outburst of rock is seen on the city’s Southside, and on the Fort William First Nations Reservation. A trip up to the summit will cost you a toll of $5.00, but where else can you go for that price to feel like you are on top of the world.

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5. Kakabeka Falls

If you haven’t been to Kakabeka Falls, you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay. Located a short 15 minute drive outside the city, its one of Thunder Bay’s must see sites. The 40 meter tall waterfall is the second largest in Ontario, with year round access for viewing. The falls are so sweet the endangered Lake Sturgeon love to spawn at the base of the falls.

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4. Sleeping Giant

If you haven’t seen the Sleeping Giant, you probably haven’t been to Thunder Bay. This monstrous geographical architecture which rises out of lake superior directly in front of the city, is another one of the city’s must see site. The Provincial Park, which has over 80 kilometers of trails for recreational use. The park is home to many forms of wild life, from over 200 species of birds, to herds of moose, there is definitely something here for everyone.

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3. Ouimet Canyon

If you haven’t heard of Ouimet Canyon, you probably aren’t from Thunder Bay. This provincial park is next door to Eagle Canyon, Canada’s longest, fastest, and highest zip line. And if the zip line isn’t a big enough rush for you, Eagle Canyon is also home to Canada’s longest foot suspension bridge. The large bridge spans 600 feet across the canyon and a stomach turning 152 feet above the canyon floor.

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2. Professional Hockey Players

If you haven’t heard of the number of professional hockey players that came out of the city, you definitely aren’t from Thunder Bay. Besides holding the title for most pro hockey players based on population size, one of the city’s best-kept secrets is the fact that the Port Arthur Hockey Club almost won the Stanley cup in 1911, but sadly they lost to the Ottawa Senators.


1. Persians

Well we are finally here, the number one thing that distinguishes Thunder Bay from anywhere else in Ontario, well actually the world. If you haven’t had a Persian, you most certainly are not from Thunder Bay. This city original jewel is an oval shaped cinnamon-bun like roll with a sweet, addicting of course, pink icing smeared on top of the chewy bun.

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