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10 Things That Make Lakehead University Thunder Bay Exceptionally Unconventional

Lakehead University

Up in the cold regions of Northernwestern Ontario lies a University surrounded by nature. Lakehead University is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Lets take a look at some things that make Lakehead Exceptionally unconventional.

10. Residence Staff

With Bartley Residence, the Avila, townhouses and apartments, Lakehead has lots of people living on the campus grounds. The Residence staff at Lakehead make the grounds safe to live, and provide great leadership skills. Always there for the students, and making sure they are having a fun time.

Lakehead University

9. Professors

At larger University’s you usually don’t ever get anytime to ask the prof questions or even get to know them, but Lakehead breaks these barriers. The small class sizes provide the students and profs time to get to know each other and develop a healthy relationship.

Lakehead University

8. Class size

Looking for the university experience, with the comfort of your high school class size, then Lakehead University is calling you. With a student body of approximately 7000 enrolled, class’s size can depend on the program, ranging from 30 up to 300. The higher up years see the class sizes get even smaller.

Lakehead University

7. Abundance of Quiet Space

Exams can be a very stressful time for many people and finding a quiet space can be hard to find. Not at Lakehead University, with many hidden spaces on the university grounds perfect for a quiet study time.

Lakehead University

6. History

With Lakehead University turning 50 years old this year, the University has quiet the history to back it up. Coming together in 1965, the University has had some big name graduates such as Gary Polonsky who is the Founding President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Lakehead University

5. Winter

Love the cold and snow, then Lakehead University is the place for you. In Northern Ontario Lakehead is near the tip of Lake Superior which creates some interesting winters. Winters in Thunder Bay usually start in October and run till April, but has been known to get an occasional snowfall in May. The annual average snowfall is about 163 cm. In 2014 the city and university saw the temperature drop to -40 degrees.

Lakehead University


4. Scholarships

Need help financing your education for post-secondary, well then Lakehead has some scholarships that are hard to turn down. With four different entrance scholarships based on grade averages, money is far from being short to find. The University also offers multiple other scholarships and bursaries.

Lakehead University

3. Atmosphere

Looking to start fresh, meet new and exciting people, Lakehead is an ideal place to accomplish such feats. With a lot of people coming to Lakehead travelling far from home to go to school, it is easy to make friends.

Lakehead University

2. Wildlife

Wildlife is far from absent at Lakehead University. With a large deer population and ground squirrels in Northern Ontario, it is no surprise to see them wondering about the campus while walking to class. Even been a few occasions where the local black bear has been spotted on campus.

Lakehead University

1. The Outpost

Needing a fun place to hang with friends, have some drinks and just looking for a good time, then the Outpost pub at Lakehead is the place to go. With events like tankard Tuesdays, Country nights, and various musicians playing, the Outpost is always a good time!

Lakehead University

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