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10 Reasons Why Humanity Is Loosing

Ten reasons to question the human race and our place on the planet.

#1. We constantly find more efficient ways to kill our fellow human beings. Name me one other form of life on the planet that finds it necessary to do that.

Human Beings

#2. We develop new technology and find ways to use it against each other. Don’t recall ever being hacked by another form of life.

New Technology

#3. We have speed limits posted on our roads but build cars that far exceed them. Everything else moves at its natural pace.
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#4. We continue to destroy the planet clean of natural resources making it into something that could eventually wipe us out. But we don’t seem to care.

Natural Resources

#5. We waste millions of dollars knowing that there are people starving every day. Lives lost while food rots in our fields.

Starving people

#6 We are moving further away from morality racing towards our mortality. We need to slow down and relax.

Racing Towards Mortality

#7 We wage war against each other than help restore what we’ve destroyed. Just stop the madness before it starts.

Wage War

#8 We find more satisfaction in material things than we do in nature, only to throw them away. Nature renews itself despite our wasteful life style.


#9 We keep making the same mistakes thus giving way to an uncertain future. And we don’t seem to care.


#10 We have the ability to make the world a better place but look to the stars for a new home. Fix what we broke and leave well enough alone.

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is home for all of humanity. Man is supposed to be the most intelligent species that has evolved, at least so far. Man can create beauty, advance the species and preserve the planet.

So are we a messed up species? We all have to look inside ourselves as we make our way through life, caring for ourselves and each other.


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