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10 Places That Deserve to Be On Your Esteemed Travel Map

A serious traveler will probably plan a longer route on their travel map for upcoming holidays, as the world is getting closer and more accessible by quick itinerary arrangements and travel packages. So, one while the world is getting closer, a traveler’s road map is getting longer and far off to remote places to unleash the most incredible places on the planet.

Well, now the question is how you, as a keen traveler, will decide which places to cover first, as it is impractical to cover all in one go. Logically, you would first like to explore the new places that are both safe and surprising. You might even consider exploring the new discoveries at places that are already known to us. Well, to make your task simpler, here are top 10 places to cover before you make yourself more confused. Kindly note these are the places other than the Seven Wonders of the World. 10 Places To Travel:

10. Kelimutu Volcano, Flores, Indonesia

This area is famous for its summit having three crater lakes that tends to change color quite often. Consider moving upwards from Moni village before sunrise through a truck to see the crater rim closely By the time it is moonlight, you will be on the volcano’s rim to feel a sheer drop in a deep black lake in the below existing crater.

Kelimutu Volcano

9. The High Tatras Mountains, Presov, Slovakia

Although Alps take the first rank while exploring European mountains, it cannot beat the High Tatras when it is the matter of a bit adrenaline rush. The main attraction here is Lomnicky Stit, a magnificent peak at above 2,600m where you reach quite eerily via small gondola cable car moving amidst low visibility and amidst swirling clouds. The Observatory at the peak is where you get to punches: Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and a panoramic view of four countries namely, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and Czech Republic.

High Tatras Mountains, Slovakia

8. Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

This is perhaps the most famous gorge on the planet, perhaps for its spectacular sights, with a length of 277 miles and depth of one mile. Crafted by the Colorado River, the most striking scene here is of the vibrant rock formations whose magnificence leaves even the first-time visitor in wonder. The latest attraction here is the West Rim’s glass-bottomed SkyWalk protruding out over the canyon, which provides a scary clear view.

Grand Canyon

7. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Although popular, Stonehenge is a pure prehistoric monument covered in mystery even today. Nobody knows the actual purpose of this colossal sandstone blocks, although several tales are being told by the nearby villagers and experts. Nevertheless, the mystery and astounding view during the sunset makes up for a superb glow.


6. Easter Islands, Polynesian Triangle, Chile, South America

Have you heard the about statues of Moai? Well, they are the colossal stone faces carved by the ancestors of Easter Island in their honor. At present, more than 850 statues exist, with the biggest one being 82 tons in weight. Apart from that, scuba diving and hiking are popular on these islands.

Easter Islands

5. Hokkaido, Japan

This area is famous for its festive winter starting with the Sapporo Snow Festival in February. This fiesta is then followed by the international ski marathon and the snow light path featuring thousands of snow lanterns suspended at the Jozankei Onsen of 19th century. Other attractions include high-speed gondola and elegant high-rise Mount Yotei, and Michelin-starred Kamimura bringing a full European feel.

Hokkaido, Japan

4. South Island, New Zealand

South Island is small but big in terms of natural attractions. It features rare mountain-to-sea glaciers explored through heli-hiking, mirror lakes, plunging mountains in Fjordland to the sea floor, coastal trekking route best explored at low tide, and whale spotting and dolphin swimming.
South Island, New Zealand

3. Elqui Valley, Chile

The desert at high altitude and above dry and clear skies is ideal for matchless stargazing, through a few largest telescopes on the planet. The valley as a 100-mile strip of orchards, on the rim of the Atacama, is also famous for its pisco distilleries and colonial towns.
Elqui Valley

2. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

With the new Argyle International Airport to be opened in 2015, the island is going to be quite popular for snorkeling and scuba diving with its new, amazing, and spotless reef chain. The Palm Island Resort is likely to come with a Silent Cinema night weekly, on the beach, which will be heard with wireless headphones.

St. Vincent Grenadines

1. The Himalayas

For adventurers and peace lovers, nothing can beat the versatility of this great natural wonder. You can either view the peaks or challenge yourself for trekking on most scenic routes in the region of Annapurna, close to the amazing Pokhara, to see three peaks at the end of three days (Machapuchare, Hiumchuli, and Annapurna). If you dare further, go down the hundreds of zigzagging steps to reach unique hot springs.
The Himalayas

So, which place will you choose first?

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