iOS 9 And Its Greatest HIDDEN Features

Well todays the day, September 16th, Apple has officially launched their new flagship software, iOS 9. Made available today at 10 AM pacific time, the software can be downloaded via the software update app in settings, or through a computer via the iTunes update portal. So, lets say you already …

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11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education

11 Reasons to get a Post Secondary Education 11. Your Contribution to Your Country – A lot of criticism is placed on government. But the fact is, we as a species have come to not know how to live without it. Therefore when the government provides funds for its citizens to better …

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New Web Browser & Search Engine For IOS And Android

Speak to Dolphin Browser! With Dolphin, a free mobile web browser for Android and iOS, one thing we pride ourselves on is being a good listener. Dolphin Sonar is a feature that allows you to search, share, and navigate the web with your voice. Dolphin Sonar can be accessed by: …

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Apple Music And Why You Need It

You updated your iPhone, the music app has changed completely…. Well what do you do? Why is Apple making a streaming music service? More and more people are listening to streamed music. When you can listen to just about any artist, genre, and song you set your heart on, it’s …

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My Top 10 Most Influential Guitarist

I’ve been playing guitar for over 40 years mainly as a hobby, self-taught being inspired by the players from my early years right up to the current crop of axe men. My style of playing was developed from a combination of the different guitarist I’ve listened to. I didn’t want …

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Narcissists would typically involve doing anything to put them at a better light to get the attention they crave; to look & feel good even at the expense of everyone or someone else along with a bunch of unhealthy coping strategies. It involves a grandiose view of oneself and they’ll …

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